Bakers vs. Fakers (Food Network)


Bakers vs. Fakers (Food Network) – Premieres 25th January – Renewed

A baking competition show that is the cake makers answer to Cooks vs. Cons where four bakers, two professionals and two amateurs, go against each other to win a prize of $15k to the amateur and $10k to the pros.

The show is set over two rounds, the first round is where they are given an item to produce along with an ingredient that has to be used in it. After they complete their dish the three judges pick the person to be eliminated, where after the losing contestant reveals if they are an amateur or pro.

The second round the remaining bakers are given free reign on what to produce but are given a range of selection of ingredients to be used in the round. As the round is concluded the the winner is picked and the competitors reveal their professions.

If you liked Cooks Vs. Cons then this is more of the same.



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