Hunted (CBS)


Hunted (CBS) – Premieres 22nd January

A remake of the UK show of the same name, 9 teams of two go on the run for 28 days trying to evade capture from ex-FBI, US Rangers, Military and surveillance experts as they try and apprehend them before the time limit is up and the survivors get their hands on $250k.

The teams are given an hour head start before the hunt team begins tracking them, with the fugitives only have access to $500 in a bank account that they can only take $100 out at a time, along with having to stay within a 100,000sq/m game zone that covers South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Florida.

While the runners do their best at dropping off the grid, the hunters has access to the same techniques currently in use, where they get alerts when the team access ATMs, have licence to search their homes for clues, tap their phones and other such police/government agency type things.

It’s a straight copy of the original format, with the exception that the UK version allowed solo runners, where watching people do well is ultimately less entertaining than watching teams do a multitude of mistakes and getting caught in annoyingly easy ways.

It’s a decent waste of 45 minutes.



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