SIX (History)


SIX (History) – Premieres 18th January – Renewed

Military drama about the SEAL 6 unit who during their campaign in Afghanistan are hunting down an important Taliban leader. The commanding officer of the group, Rip, has an almost blinding obsession in getting his man, leading him to execute a surrendering American member of the Taliban in front of his unit and surviving Taliban cohort.

The story then jumps two years where the unit have returned to the States and are training up new recruits, while Rip has left to become a permanently hungover military contractor in Nigeria. When escorting a group of investors to a remote school, Rip picks up that they are being targeted by Boko Harem, but can’t stop them as they kidnap him along with the teacher and students of the school while killing off everyone else.

News of Rips capture makes it back to the US where the SEAL team put themselves forward to rescue him before his captors discover his military background. Though just before they set off to Nigeria a news network reveals that he’s a former seal, which in turn notifies the survivor of the execution in Afghanistan, that the man who killed is brother is in the perfect place for him to deal out some retribution.

For a first ep it’s a solid start.



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