The Guardians (Animal Planet)


The Guardians (Animal Planet) – Premiered 7th January

A show focussing on the Guardians of Rescue, a volunteer organisation that work in finding illegal animal breeders, owners of neglected pets or people that need help in caring for their animals.

The team either go about setting up stings on dubious pet suppliers where the ex-police members of the group lead the way in gathering evidence with secret filming to get their proof, to receiving calls about possible neglected animals where they send a team out to assess the situation and work a way to getting the animal out with the minimal of fuss.

Along with the aforementioned, they go to a couple of calls where owners get in contact them asking for help with problems their having and the Guardians bring in their volunteer vet to help them out.

It’s a bit of a mix of situations that they cover, where the sting operations don’t really get resolved due to them not having any real legal rights to do anything straight up to Dr Dee Alaska Vet lite stuff.



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