Montecito: Dance Wives of California (FYI)


Montecito: Dance Wives of California (FYI) – Starts 26th November

Reality guff that includes the wife and daughter of Jimmy Connors, it follows a number of women, as they go about swooning over their dance teachers and occasionally practice for competitive dance nights.

With it being scripted within an inch of its life, there’s the token villain of the piece, a successful businesswoman who wants to return to competitve dance, though after being turned down by her former partner, hires and out of town fella and generally gets everyones back up.

There’s also a fair bit on the bloke dancers where their flirting with the clients either leads the friends to believe the live the life of an escort, or their fiancé gets suspicious of middle age women flirting.

It’s really bad, like a Real Housewives but with limited foxtrot footage.



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