The Wall (NBC)


The Wall (NBC) – Premieres 3rd January – Renewed

LeBron James, moving on from business related reality tv has managed to get Chris Hardwick away from doing hour long discussion shows about the Walking Dead to front his new Game show.

In it they get a couple who have done thir bit for their community and give them a chance to win up to $13 million. The way the couple wrack up the cash is to pick one of 7 starting chutes, and a ball goes from it into a massive bean machine, and whatever prize hopper it lands in, the couple gets the cash.

After a confusing opening round where they are given numerous free goes followed by a round when the balls deduct cash, they’re split up where one has to answer questions and the other has to guess where their partner will get it question right or not. If they’re right they get the chance to add to the cash and if they’re not cash get taken away, all without the one being asked the questions knowing the outcome.

At the end of the cash rounds the one being asked questions is given a contract to take away what they earned in the first round but if they decide not to take it they get what was amassed in the second round. After the usual suspense building chat with the partner in charge of the balls the verdict is revealed and much rejoicing happens.

For a simple premise there’s quite a needlessly confusing set up to the whole thing.



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