Taboo (FX)


Taboo (FX) – Premieres 10th January – Renewed

Set in 1814 James Delaney, who was presumed dead in Africa, returns to London with just 14 stolen diamonds to his name to attend his fathers funeral. Delaney plans to take over the remains of his families shipping empire, which also includes some land owned in Canada, much to his half sisters annoyance who was planning on selling the business and land to the East India Company.

After the funeral Delaney discovers that the shipping empire is now just one building being used by the local prostitutes, he has a son that his guardian want compensation for taking car of him, and that after having his father exhumed he was killed by being fed a steady supply of arsenic and plans to avenge his death.

He begins by meeting with the East India Company who in a deal with his sister and her husband have settled on a fee well below its true value. Where after revealing that he knows about the impending peace treaty between the UK and US and the strategic worth of the land, cancels the deal leading to head of the East India to give the order to get Delaney to sell at any cost.

Its a decent start and one for those that want a fictious story set roughly in the same time frame as Frontier, especially if you enjoy the classic aspect of the Great British Bastardry employed by the East India Company.



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