Ransom (CBS)


Ransom (CBS) – Premieres 1st January – Renewed

After finding out she’s been turned down for a job within the elite hostage and crisis negotiation company Crisis Resolution, Maxine Carlson decide to nick a business card and rock up to a crime scene they’re working on the off chance she could impress the boss and get the job anyway.

After doing the bare minimum, the boss Luke ignores the legit objections of his employee Zara and allows Maxine to tag along to their next case involving a family being held to ransom for $5 million for the return of their son that was kidnapped 8 years earlier.

In it the team manage to find out what school the kid attended by seeing a small snippet his school athletics jersey, and show off how schools will give out all manner of personal info if you pretend to be “world famous footballer” Rivaldo Messi.

It’s a lightweight and silly procedural crime show along the lines of Conviction, whilst showing off a CSI: Cyber style knowledge of its subject matter.



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