Ghosts In The Hood (WE TV)


Ghosts In The Hood (WE TV) – Premieres 5th January

Ghost hunting shenanigans where the fine folks of the Official Paranormal Operations (OPO), go to city based places that are full to the brim with supernatural goings on.

The OPO consists of a psychic, an electronics whizz, a researcher, the CEO of the OPO, and the comedian buddy of the OPO whose main role is to get scared shitless when doing the night time investigation. During the ghost hunt some weird shit will happen, the classic mumbled recorded ghost voices are found and ghost infestations are shown to be real.

At the end of the investigation they reveal to the client what happened and promise that the spirits that were annoying them have gone. Before heading off to their new case.

For a ghost hunting show it doesn’t take itself too seriously like Ghost Brothers, though it never goes fully stupid like Ghost Bait did where they brought in psychic cats and leaving the proprietor in a cellar with a burlap sack over their head.



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