Emerald City (NBC)


Emerald City (NBC) – Premieres 6th January – Cancelled

Based on The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy is a 20 year old nurse working in Kansas who, when she goes to visit her estranged mother that left her on a farm when she was a baby, gets caught up in a tornado that transports her to Oz.

When Dorothy drops into Oz she runs over the Witch of the East in the police car she was hiding from the storm in, after picking up a gun, coat and medical supplies from the car boot, she along with the police dog left in the car flee the scene of the hit and run. Dorothy then runs into the non midget Munchkins who vote against killing her and lead he to the yellow brick road, which is a path covered in yellow opium poppy pollen.

Meanwhile The Wizard who has banned magic since conquering The Beast Forever, has spotted Dorothys arrival via his surveillance flying mechanical monkey, and linked her arrival to the impending return of The Beast. Dorothy then ups her appeal to the Wizard and the witches of the North and West when the Witch of the East returns to imprison Dorothy and the newly acquainted scarecow, who’s a fella called Lucas now, but falls foul to being told how to wrongly hold a gun and blows her brains out.

It’s a take on the Wizard of Oz where trying to make it darker and more complex leaves it being a bit of a jumbled mess.



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