The OA (Netflix)


The OA (Netflix) – Starts 16th December – Renewed

Drama where Prairie Johnson, a blind woman who had been missing for seven years mysteriously reappears with her blindness cured and referring to her self as The OA. After being reunited with her parents, she reveals that she was held captive with four other people and that she needs to get to them.

Prairie then beings to recruit five locals to help her with her plan to reunite with her captive friends, the group she forms consists of four misfit students and a teacher who is questioning her career, where they are told to met in the middle of the night in an abandoned home but to leave their front doors open when they go to the meet.

When the group meet for the first time Prairie tells them that before begin to learn how they can help her, she has to tell that about her life and the 7 years she spent as a captive. At that point an hour into the episode the title credits being to leave final ten to recount a story from her childhood where she had a near death experience which left her blind.

With the majority of the first ep just being a prologue to the main story, It’s unsurprisingly a slow paced drama which barely touches anything regarding the main plot, but is an enjoyable lazy watch.



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