Star (Fox)


Star (Fox) – Premieres 4th January – Renewed

Musical drama about three female singers who together form a girl group in the hope to get signed and become famous. The group consists of Ryan, the talented musician who wants to escape her fathers shadow and make it on her own, Star, an 18 year old who leaves her foster home to team up with Ryan and is convinced she was born to become a world famous singer, and Brittany, Stars younger sister who is in an abusive foster home that Star gets her out of.

When they finally get together they hatch a plan to head to Atlanta to stay with Star and Brittanys godmother who has been looking for them since their mothers death. From there they go about trying to get signed, where in one night they play an open mic and then head to a strip club to try and get the attention of a local talent manger, who signs them up and gets them a gig at a house party of an NFL player.

It’s ultimately the girl group equivalent to Empire, and suffers from the same clunky dialogue, and at times ridiculous plot devices, which all adds up to being a tedious watch.



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