Shut Eye (Hulu)


Shut Eye (Hulu) – Starts 7th December – Renewed

Drama that follows Charlie Haverford, a failed magician turned con man psychic, runs a chain of fortune tellers that answer to Fonso, a Gypsy whose family gives the ok to all the fortune telling scams throughout the city.

After his sister runs foul of gypsies using a technique that is forbidden outside romany circles, it’s decreed that Charlie has to give up a couple of his earning shops to Fonso to still be allowed to operate in the area. With the impending financial shortfall his wife befriends a wealthy mark who could raise the income of the family fair beyond of what they already have.

Not wanting to further anger Fonso Charlie turns down the opportunity, but after being attacked by one of his clients boyfriends, hyponotised by a potential employee and witnessing his sister having her face cut as punishment, Charlie decides to run con in hope that it’s not discovered by the gypsies.

While it’s not the most innovate of stories it’s an easy going watch that you can switch off to.



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