Nazi Weird War Two (Nat Geo)


Nazi Weird War Two (Nat Geo) – Starts 15th December

Documentary where two chaps, a historian and a urban explorer, look into a strange Nazi based WWII story. Then head off to the place where it occurred to find out whether it’s happened or not.

Along with explaining the original story the show describes the period of the war the incident happened using stock footage, then go about the area interviewing locals and experts to assess the validity of the story.

With the two traipsing around the scene of the incident and then digging through historical documentation, it is reminiscent to Hunting Hitler, where nothing properly concrete is found, and anything discovered is met with great excitement no matter how trivial the discovery.

With them looking into cases that aren’t that well known you’d expect them to be able to fill out a 45 minute programme, but it drags along and becomes pretty forgettable.



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