Joyride (Esquire)


Joyride (Esquire) – Starts 15th November

Car show where Mischa Barton, rapper T-Pain, Englishman and actor Oliver Trevana and NASCAR driver Brian Vickers put forward a car nomination to be the best of whatever the theme of the week is.

Initially two of the four put forward a car then they pair up and drive them around town, then put them through a few tests before going through what they like and dislike about the car. After which the 2nd of the pairing puts forward their choice of car to test, and they repeat the process.

After going through their picks, the pairing select the favourite of the two and switch the cars over leading to to all four picking their preferred vehicle to fit the theme of the show.

It tries to come across as a thorough car review show, but it’s pretty lightweight and manages to feel rushed and uninformative.



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