Top Secret Waterfalls (Travel Channel)


Top Secret Waterfalls (Travel Channel) – Premieres 29th January – Renewed

Following on from Top Secret Swimming Holes and Top Secret Beaches, this unsurprisingly fires off some lesser known, secluded, and hardly visited waterfalls from around the world.

Like the other shows in the series it goes through 10 waterfalls where they follow a group of people trekking to the location then when getting there, filming them having a lovely time looking at and swimming near the place.

It the wraps everything up by the listing the places shown into a top 10. It’s a carbon copy of the swimming holes and beaches versions, so if you like them you’d like this.



Detroit Steel (History)


Detroit Steel (History) – Premieres 28th January

Car renovation show that is the 2nd series of Mobsteel but with a new name and on a different channel.

In it the folks of the Mobsteel garage pick up a car in a state of disrepair from a client, then go about restoring it and adding a few modern aspects to the car. Then when the car is stored they reveal it to the owner and there’s much rejoicing.

On the car renovation front it’s more akin to shows like Diesel Brothers, and is one of those shows that if you like it becomes a guilty pleasure.


Riverdale (The CW)


Riverdale (The CW) – Premieres 26th January – Renewed

Teen drama that is a modern take on the characters of the Archie comics. It starts off with the twins Cheryl and Jason Blossom taking an early morning boating session on the river, which ends up taking a turn for the worse where Jason ends up dead in mysterious circumstances.

As the news of Jason death hits the school the new student in town, Veronica is helpfully used to explain all the other characters as she is taken around the school by Betty, who happens to have unrequited crush on Archie.

By the end of the ep it’s revealed that Jason happened to be murdered leaving a the killer at large, Archie has been sleeping with his music teacher, and whoever wrote this liked Twin Peaks.

It a pretty mundane mystery drama.


Bakers vs. Fakers (Food Network)


Bakers vs. Fakers (Food Network) – Premieres 25th January – Renewed

A baking competition show that is the cake makers answer to Cooks vs. Cons where four bakers, two professionals and two amateurs, go against each other to win a prize of $15k to the amateur and $10k to the pros.

The show is set over two rounds, the first round is where they are given an item to produce along with an ingredient that has to be used in it. After they complete their dish the three judges pick the person to be eliminated, where after the losing contestant reveals if they are an amateur or pro.

The second round the remaining bakers are given free reign on what to produce but are given a range of selection of ingredients to be used in the round. As the round is concluded the the winner is picked and the competitors reveal their professions.

If you liked Cooks Vs. Cons then this is more of the same.


Cardinal (CTV)


Cardinal (CTV) – Premieres 25th January – Renewed

Crime drama where detective John Cardinal after being kick out of the homicide division is brought back in after the missing child in the last case he was working was discovered murdered.

As Cardinal beings reworking the case he is teamed up with recently transferred detective Delorme who he takes a distrust to so makes her look after his outstanding work to prove herself to him. At the same time he beings to believe that the childs murder is the work of a serial killer that preys on children.

While his superior in the department insist that he concentrates on the case in hand and that his theory is a possible waste of time, Cardinal continues to dig into his serial killer angle which leads to him finding another body.

While Cardinal is off doing his job, it’s then revealed that Delorme has been placed as his partner to keep tabs on him as it’s believed that he is a dirty cop who is helping out a known drug dealer escape conviction.

The show comes across as a bit of a mix between The Killing and the first series of 19-2. It’s worth a watch.


Mary Kills People (Global)


Mary Kills People (Global) – Premieres 25th January – Renewed

Drama following Dr Mary Harris, an ER doctor, single mother and part of a duo that illegally euthanises terminally ill folks for a price. It kicks off with Harris and her partner, a former plastic surgeon and recovering drug enthusiast, setting up a drink and drugs cocktail for a patient. Only to find out the drugs have ben watered down, leading to Harris having to improvise with a pillow as the condemneds wife turns up at the house.

As a result of their last job Mary insists her partner go back to their drug supplier to a non-tampered batch of their death juice, while a nurse at her hospital puts forward two possible future clients to the doc.

As this is going on, there’s the side story of the dangers of keeping drugs poorly hidden as her daughter takes her girlfriend to shed where the docs euthanasia kit is kept leading to the girlfriend to swipe a veil somehow thinking its booze, leading to her almost overdosing at a ballet recital.

After making sure the girlfriend has recovered and making her promise not to knock back any medical supplies she comes across, the doc goes to meet up with her next client, leading to a sexual fumble, and then as she leaves it’s revealed he’s an undercover cop in a sting operation to catch the doc in action.

It’s a lightweight drama that doesn’t really offer anything to make that invested in the story, though it’s watchable enough to waste 45 minutes if nowt else is on.


Uncensored with Michael Ware (Nat Geo)


Uncensored with Michael Ware (Nat Geo) – Premieres 24th January

Former war correspondent Michael Ware goes off to investigate various cultures from around the world. In each ep he focuses on one topic where he heads off to interview the people involved and try to understand how the situations and circumstances evolved.

The first ep is like a mix between Expedition Unknown and Watt’s World but with a more serious subject matter. Though it doesn’t really get to delve that deep into what Ware is investigating, so the programme ends up feeling a bit disappointing.