Shooter (USA)


Shooter (USA) – Starts 15th November – Renewed

Conspiracy thriller where an ex-marine sniper Bob Lee Swagger is contacted by his former commanding office and current secret service member to help with a threat on the presidents life.

He finds out that an Ukrainian sniper that he believed was dead is going to attempt the assassination during the next public out of the President, so is as asked to assess all possible locations that could be used and report back on the most likely place he’ll use.

While he was scouting locations the FBI pick up a local officer working on an Eastern European gang member sting that infringes on the ongoing threat. To placate the office they bring her in to go over all the recent emailed threats received where one is from Bob Lee.

At the Presidents public appearance, Bob Lee and family turn up hoping to witness an incident free procession only to realise his recommended vantage point is wrong, so heads off to the other location to stop the shooter only to find out that he is being set up.

It’s a solid ep that goes along at a decent pace and is an entertaining enough watch.



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