Mars (Nat Geo)


Mars (Nat Geo) – Starts 14th November – Renewed

A split between factual programming and sci-fi, where it follows the 2033 first manned voyage to inhabit Mars and 2016 interviews with the relevant science bods involved in the creating of the technologies required in long term space travel and the settling on martian terrain.

In the 2033 segments the it follows the 6 person crew as they begin their approach to land on Mars. As well as showing them encounter problems with their attempt to land, it goes through interviews taken with them before the launch and the action within the control centre as they attempt to work out what’s going on.

Even though there’s two very different aspects merged together making it like The Martian mixed with a standard space exploration science programme, it’s put together in such a way that the sciences bits add to the story and doesn’t slow anything down.

It’s a surprisingly good first ep.



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