Legend of Croc Gold (Discovery)


Legend of Croc Gold (Discovery) – Starts 23rd November

An Alaskan family gold mining business has hit on harder times with the escalation of regulations and cost and decrease on the amount of gold they are mining. In a bid to rejuvenate the business, the owner has struck a deal with the tribal leaders of gold rich Bougainville, an island just off of Papua New Guinea, to bring over their mining equipment to increase the islands output and to split the profits 50/50 with them.

The only real problems they would have to encounter is that where the largest gold deposits are, are also the home to a plentiful supply of crocodiles. That and the last mining operation on the island was chased off by the disgruntled natives, leaving them exceptionally wary of any white outsiders.

It’s vaguely like Mine Hunters but with a higher threat of maiming, though it’s nowhere near as enjoyable.



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