Incorporated (SyFy)


Incorporated (SyFy) – Starts 30th November – Cancelled

Set in 2074 with a similar dystopian outlook as the film Tekken, where after many countries have gone bankrupt, corporations have de facto governments where the walled areas are called Green Zones and the slums outside them are called Red Zones.

The show follows Ben Larson a manager in the largest of the corporations who is a double agent, placed within the company by Terrence one of the main power wielders of the Red Zone.

One of the objects for Ben is to find and locate Iliana who is the sister of a recently recruited thief in Terrences organisation, though to confirm Ilianas location Ben will have to go further up within the organisation by sabotaging bigger bosses and leaving him more open to being detected.

The whole of the first ep is a rather jumbled affair due to the amount of backstory having to be set up, and anything the forwards the plot doesn’t really have any tension to it. It’s distinctly average.



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