Cake Wars: Christmas (Food Network)


Cake Wars: Christmas (Food Network) – Starts 14th November

Baking competition where 7 teams of three (a cake artist, a food sculptor and a sugar artist) compete against each other in the bid impress the three judges and to win the $50k grand prize.

There are two rounds, the first is the “Stocking Stuffer Challenge” where the teams have to create a christmas themed cake where the winner gets the advantage of having an additional helper for the next round, the “Santa’s Mega Challenge”.

The second round all the teams a given a helper, and the previous round winner has two, and they have to create cake based on the theme set and having to incorporate a certain set of ingredients. The loser of that is then banished from the competition never to be heard of again.

Simply put, it’s a festive Cake Wars.



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