Frontier (Discovery)


Frontier (Discovery) – Starts 6th November – Renewed

Drama set in the late 18th century, it follows the former Hudson Bay Company (HBC) employee Declan Harp who is becoming a problem to his former employers by becoming a major player in the Canadian fur trade.

While noticing his emerging prominence in the trade the head honchos of the HBC come to the resolution that he must stopped at any cost, due to him making dent in the company profits and giving the nefarious French, Scottish and Americans ideas that they could make a move on their territory.

With the plan to kill Harp the plucky brits arrange to send a ship full of troops to Canada, but the night before they catch a group of Irish ragamuffins trying to still gunpowder from the ship. Leading to one of the Irish being killed, the woman of the gang arrested and her boyfriend left hiding on the ship. So when the stowaway is discovered the plan changes to use him to make contact with Harp and report back with his location and plans so they can kill him, in return for his girlfriend to be released from prison.

Even thought it’s filled with some classic old school British bastardry, the show itself is pretty slow going and uninteresting. It’s easily one of the poorer historical dramas produced and falls short on some of the stuff History have put out recently.



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