Eyewitness (USA)


Eyewitness (USA) – Starts 16th October – Cancelled

A US remake of the Norwegian series Øyevitne where two lads, one of which is the foster son of the local sheriff, are in a cabin getting it on after a hard day of filming motorbike tricks, they are rudely interrupted by a gang arriving to execute a chap in the boot of their car.

As the lads hide from the visitors, they witness the captive break free and kill his captors that includes an FBI agent who reveals himself to the fella before being offed. After the massacre one of the lads cracks the freshly liberated guy around the head so they manage to escape from the scene while thinking they killed him.

As the local police arrive at the crime scene they find the FBI already there who warn them off the case. This proves to be little hinderance as the sheriff digs into the case to find out that there is more that to crime scene than what the FBI let on, including that the guy who was to be killed managed to escape. And the escaped guy is now on a mission to find out who else was in the cabin that night to remove any threat of them identifying him.

It’s a watchable enough first ep with has the slow build feel of other Scandinavian dramas like The Killing and Those Who Kill.



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