Ben and Lauren Happily Ever After? (Freeform)


Ben and Lauren Happily Ever After? (Freeform) – Starts 11th October – Renewed

Reality show following the winner of The Batchelor and the fiancé that he gone and won. After a year of being together they’re invited back to the finale of the Batchelorette where the other woman that made his final two is whittling down men in the name of sport.

With that premise for the opening ep, the happy couple go about debating whether to appear on the show, resulting in an initial yes then devolving into light argument. To set up the rest of the series there’s the usual reality waffle in style of I Love Kellie Pickler, where they do regular mundane things for the entertainment of viewers that like watching mundane things.

It’s the usual stream of reality tedium.



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