Hollywood & Football (E!)


Hollywood & Football (E!) – Starts 30th November

Continuing on from being part of a below average Hard Knocks, the unstoppable 7-9 bullshit merchants, the LA Rams, get another show to try and raise their profile in the NFL graveyard of Los Angeles.

Using the WAGs approach to the proceedings, the show focuses on the Kenny Britt, Rodger Saffold, Lance Kendricks, Chase Reynolds and everyones favourite Wide Receiver, Bradley Marquez and their families as they relocate from St Louis. With Marquez in the role of silent, confused looking man, the rest of the cast do all the donkey work of organising a party, meeting up for lunch and other such reality show things.

It’s not good to the point you’re hoping Jeff Fisher will turn up to add some excitement.



Incorporated (SyFy)


Incorporated (SyFy) – Starts 30th November – Cancelled

Set in 2074 with a similar dystopian outlook as the film Tekken, where after many countries have gone bankrupt, corporations have de facto governments where the walled areas are called Green Zones and the slums outside them are called Red Zones.

The show follows Ben Larson a manager in the largest of the corporations who is a double agent, placed within the company by Terrence one of the main power wielders of the Red Zone.

One of the objects for Ben is to find and locate Iliana who is the sister of a recently recruited thief in Terrences organisation, though to confirm Ilianas location Ben will have to go further up within the organisation by sabotaging bigger bosses and leaving him more open to being detected.

The whole of the first ep is a rather jumbled affair due to the amount of backstory having to be set up, and anything the forwards the plot doesn’t really have any tension to it. It’s distinctly average.


Human Inferno (Nat Geo)


Human Inferno (Nat Geo) – Starts 26th November

Along the same lines as Breakthrough this show looks into the effect that a viral outbreak has on the populace, then goes into looking how scientists find and research the virus.

While interviewing scientists involved in the discovery of new viral and bacterial illnesses, it shows how the new formation of research institutes bring people from across the world to work together to find cures, and work in the field in finding new possible strands that may make the leap from animal to human infection.

With everything shown in the programme, there’s a lot in the show that was also covered in Breakthrough and doesn’t really add much new.


Savage Kingdom (Nat Geo Wild)


Savage Kingdom (Nat Geo Wild) – Starts 25th November – Renewed

Wildlife documentary that focuses on the apex predators of the Kalahari as they go about their business hunting prey and having territorial scraps.

While it has the Attenborough style footage of the animals its narrated with a script that forces the anthropomorphism of the subject matter, trying to create an epic pitched battle idea where different pack animals are plotting to bring the other side down to take control of their land.

Along with the forced narrative idea, it also goes along at such a slow pace due the numerous slow-mo footage you just start to lose interest quite quickly, making the show drag on for ages.


Little Weddings (Lifetime)


Little Weddings (Lifetime) – Starts 23rd November

Reality tedium where a family run wedding planning company of little people specialise in planning weddings for little people.

As well as arguing with each other while organising the venue in the build up to their clients big day, they do the normal family stuff. It’s like Little Women: Atlanta but if they were related and had a business. It’s mind numbing tripe.


Brothers Take New Orleans (HGTV)


Brothers Take New Orleans (HGTV) – Starts 23rd November

Renovation show where the Property Brothers have headed off to New Orleans where they are teaming up with a local organisation that takes derelict properties, renovates them and give them to deserving folk.

In the show the brothers are given a property each and they make a competition of it buy setting a spending limit on the renovation. They decide to set a number of room challenges where they will be judged by a roaming celebrity friend to pick the winner, giving them the advantage of having their labourer brother to assist them in the next challenge. The overall winner will be the one that gets the highest increase in value for the property after the rooms have been completed as judged by local estate agent.

If you like renovation shows it does exactly what you’d expect.


Legend of Croc Gold (Discovery)


Legend of Croc Gold (Discovery) – Starts 23rd November

An Alaskan family gold mining business has hit on harder times with the escalation of regulations and cost and decrease on the amount of gold they are mining. In a bid to rejuvenate the business, the owner has struck a deal with the tribal leaders of gold rich Bougainville, an island just off of Papua New Guinea, to bring over their mining equipment to increase the islands output and to split the profits 50/50 with them.

The only real problems they would have to encounter is that where the largest gold deposits are, are also the home to a plentiful supply of crocodiles. That and the last mining operation on the island was chased off by the disgruntled natives, leaving them exceptionally wary of any white outsiders.

It’s vaguely like Mine Hunters but with a higher threat of maiming, though it’s nowhere near as enjoyable.