No Tomorrow (The CW)


No Tomorrow (The CW) – Starts 4th October – Cancelled

Romantic comedy about a woman who while having doubts with her relationship meet the man of her dreams at a farmers market only to wonder if she’ll ever see him again.

After the post office wrongly delivers a package to her address, she decides to drop it off to the right address hoping it’s for the fella she saw. Which it is. She then finds out that the bloke is an astrologist who is convinced that an asteroid will hit the Earth in 8 months and 12 days time, so has jacked in his job and begun a bucket list of things to do before the world carks it.

This all leads up to her ending her relationship with the worlds quietest man to join the other feller in creating a list of things to and ticking them off like a pre-apoclyptic My Name Is Earl.

In comparison to other CW romantic comedies it’s better than Crazy Ex Girlfriend and Jane The Virgin.



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