MacGyver (CBS)


MacGyver (CBS) – Starts 23rd September – Renewed

Remake of the classic 80’s TV series, MacGyver and his small support team work for an highly secretive government agency that deal with threats to the country using the tried and tested blend of high tech surveillance and swiss army knife ingenuity. After an op goes wrong where to his girlfriend and team member to be murdered, MacGyver gets back into action 6 months later to finish the job of recovering a chemical weapon before it can be used a terrorist attack.

In it he makes thing on the fly using everyday items, which are for some reason labelled up on screen as if no one knows what a paperclip looks like, and manages to save the day. But even though this is a remake, it feels more like a quick reworking of an episode of Scorpion than it does a proper episode of MacGyver.



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