Catching Kelce (E!)


Catching Kelce (E!) – Starts 5th October

Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce is looking for a missus so in this dating comp 50 women get the chance to get the official NFL dating rights of the favoured Alex Smith redzone target.

The first ep involves a massive cut down of the field where all the ladies get 60 seconds with Kelce to impress him with some chat, Travis then has to whittle them down to 20 women he’ll send off the dating mansion where they will drink copious amounts of alcohol and decide they mostly dislike each other.

It then goes into the standard dating show format where the women go out to an event with Travis and after which 7 of them get nominated to prove their dating worth before 4 are evicted.

While this is possibly the most cunning way for Kelce to get more taunting penalties during this season, it’s nowt to write home about. Though if they got the Indianapolis Colts preacher who hosted Match Made In Heaven it could have been a show for the ages.



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