The Good Place (NBC)


The Good Place (NBC) – Starts 19th September – Renewed

After dying, Eleanor awakens finds herself in a waiting room where she meets Michael, who explains how she died and tells her that due to the way she has lead her life she has qualified to live in The Good Place.

The Good Place is a part of the afterlife where only the people who have lead the most selfless existence qualify to live, and where everything they could ever want is catered for. The only problem being is that there has been a clerical error and the wrong life has been associated to Eleanor, and she shouldn’t be there.

After meeting her soulmate she pleads with him to make her a better person so she can remain, though after every time she reverts to her old ways it generates chaotic situations to the town until she makes amends. This leads to Michael, who created the good place, realising something is amiss and to find out what is the cause.

It’s sort of like an afterlife take on My Name Is Earl.



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