Designated Survivor (ABC)


Designated Survivor (ABC) – Starts 21st September – Renewed

On the day of the State of the Union speech, Kiefer Sutherland as the secretary of housing finds out that along with his proposals not making the speech, he’s being relieved of his job.

As an added bonus his invite to attend the speech in person is rescinded as he has to stay behind as the Designated Survivor. Where in the unlikely chance the government officials are killed he would become the defacto president.

So imagine his surprise that while watching the address on tv a bomb goes off killing everyone, and making him the rather unprepared head honcho. As he is rushed into power, those pesky Iranians move their destroyers into the Strait of Hormuz giving one general an extremely itchy trigger finger and blaming them for the attack.

As this is kicking off the FBI are going through the wreckage to find clues on the attack only to come the realisation that things are no where near ending, all the while the new president is trying to make sure the country won’t be lead into an avoidable war.

It’s entertaining enough stuff.



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