Bull (CBS)


Bull (CBS) – Starts 20th September – Renewed

Procedural legal drama where Dr Bull, a legendary psychologist, is the founder of the Trial Analysis Corporation. Which apart from looking like the resting home for every screen that was used in CSI: Cyber, holds host to a team of psychologists who analyse jurors, lawyers, witnesses and defendants into recreate their own mock trials to find out how to acquit whoever has hired them.

The show itself isn’t much different the CSI and NCIS shows CBS go though, where as they look into the case they discover the defendant didn’t commit the crime then come up with a ploy to prove his innocence. Though it does end up with an impressively rushed conclusion to the case and the capture of the real perpetrator, especially how for most of the episode is mainly the doc dishing out retorts and imagining what people are thinking.

Its the sort of thing you’d find while channel hopping, watch once and never again.



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