Berlin Station (EPIX)


Berlin Station (EPIX) – Starts 16th October – Renewed 

Modern spy thriller, where an Edward Snowden/Julian Assange type whistleblower called Thomas Shaw is releasing CIA secrets to the press in Berlin. After discovering the link between Shaw and a German paper, a CIA agent is placed within the Berlin station to find who the leak is.

Ignoring the fact this possibly has the worst theme tune in recent history, the show itself is at times reminiscent to Rubicon, and is an enjoyable watch.



Graves (EPIX)


Graves (EPIX) – Starts 16th October – Renewed

Former President Graves holds the title of being the most unpopular president in American history by his ability to have done virtually every unpopular and/or morally dubious decision he could while in office.

So after one night googling himself, decides on making an amends to his political legacy. Which of first entailed tormenting his new aide and then getting high with a waitress, before coming to the realisation on how to right his wrongs.

It’s a watchable occasionally silly comedy.


Falling Waters (USA)


Falling Waters (USA) – Starts 13th October – Renewed

Three strangers – a trend spotter who believes that she had a baby taken from her, a cop with a vegetive wife who is working on a homicide case, and a fixer for a banking firm – begin to have lucid dreams about events in their life they don’t recollect. Things are explained when the trend spotter meets up with an Icelandic entrepreneur, who reveals that everyone is connected in a mass collective dream, and that some people have the ability access anywhere within that state.

Barring the very final scene it does little to explain why the ability to access the complete dreamscape would be useful, it instead concentrates on explaining the premise, which is like a mix between Sense8 and Inception.

Probably worth another watch just to find out what the hell is going on.


Insecure (HBO)


Insecure (HBO) – Starts 9th October – Renewed

Comedy about two female friends trying to to achieve their life goals before they hit 30. Issa, a youth liaison at a high school who gets openly mocked at work and has grown weary about her long term relationship, and Molly, a successful businesswoman who is convinced she’ll never find the right partner.

For what it is, it’s an easy watch.


Divorce (HBO)


Divorce (HBO) – Starts 9th October – Renewed

After attending the party of a friend who hates her marriage and drunkenly pulls a gun on her husband leading him to have a heart attack, Carrie from Sex In The City decides that this is a sign to end her marriage.

After telling her husband her plans, she heads off to visit the fella she’s been cheating with only for him to get cold feet and back away from the situation. Things are then compounded with the husband finding out about the affair and promising to dish out mother of ill tempered divorces and to make her kids resent her.

For a comedy to be focused on the female characters anything vaguely funny seems to come from the male cast members, and the women in it come across as complete dicks.   


My Life Is A Telenovela (WE TV)


My Life Is A Telenovela (WE TV) – Starts 7th October

Reality whatnot-ery that follows telenovela actors and actresses as they compete against each other in getting roles and digging up gossip.

As it reeks of being heavily scripted they at least try to make out the “real life” goings on in the same over-the-top telenovela manner. Which at least makes it different to the plethora of tiresome reality shows, though it’s still a tiresome reality show that just boils down to people shouting at each other for no real reason.


Total Bellas (E!)


Total Bellas (E!) – Starts 5th October – Renewed

Spinoff of the Total Divas, where after being told that she will be needing neck surgery, Nikki Bella invites her sister Brie, Bries husband Daniel Bryan, and their brother JJ to live in John Cenas gaff to help her out as she is recuperates.

It’s the usual scripted reality gumpf, but this time with wrestlers.