Tracks (Spike)


Tracks (Spike) – Starts 1st September

Musical quiz hosted CSI Cyber escapee Bow Wow, two teams of two go up against each other to win up to $30k. Going on a variation of Name That Tune the first round is used to find out what team will go first in the cash rounds.

A song is slowly revealed track by track, so for example drums, then bass, then guitar, until the song is successfully identified. The first cash round gets the winning team $5k, and they have to unlock the individual songs tracks by correctly answering a music question, get it wrong control goes to the other team, and whoever get the song right wins. Round two is identical to round one apart from the winner gets $10k.

The final round is played by the team who has amassed the most cash, and one member of the successful side has to correctly identify of what two songs a track belongs to. They have to get four right to win an additional $20k, but if they get three wrong they only go home with what they won in the previous cash rounds.

And there’s also a wee song performance half way through by the artist of one of the songs.

It’s a passable enough game show though a bit lacking in variation to keep it interesting for the long term.



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