Jim & Chrissy Vow or Never (WE TV)


Jim & Chrissy Vow or Never (WE TV) – Starts 1st September

Usual reality TV gubbins where known rapper Jim Jones and his fiance Chrissy, who apparently have a famed on/off relationship, head off to Miami. While they’re there doing nothing Jim plans to hit the studio, but after being rumbled for going to a strip club decides the time is right to set a date for the wedding.

Impressively for two charisma vacuums with a history of splitting up nothing happens. Even in the clips of future episodes nothing happens. It’s all completely dull and pointless and is reduced to throwing in Jims slightly weird mother into the mix to try and make something happen.

It’s a 45 minute show that could easily be condensed to 10 still feel padded out.



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