Abandoned (Viceland)


Abandoned (Viceland) – Starts 2nd September

Former pro skateboarder Rick McCrank goes to various abandoned buildings and is shown around by locals who are either keeping security of it or have a deep seated love of the place. After some awkward interviewing about the buildings history, how it became derelict and why the people hold such affection to the place, McCrank then gets a bit of skateboarding action around the location before moving on to the next venue.

It’s a pretty forgettable programme, especially with the way it’s set up similar to other Viceland programmes the quality of the host becomes the reason to watch and McCrank is not a good host.



Eat The World With Emeril Lagasse (Amazon)


Eat The World With Emeril Lagasse (Amazon) – Starts 2nd September

Famed chef Emeril Lagassi heads off to various parts of the world where he meets up with some of his chef buddies to learn about new culinary styles, and sampling them in a few restaurants.

This is more in keeping to the BBC style cooking/travel shows done with Keith Floyd, Rick Stein and the like but without the actual teaching of how to make the dishes. It’s more enjoyable than most of the Food Network shows but would really be of interest to full on foodies.


Jim & Chrissy Vow or Never (WE TV)


Jim & Chrissy Vow or Never (WE TV) – Starts 1st September

Usual reality TV gubbins where known rapper Jim Jones and his fiance Chrissy, who apparently have a famed on/off relationship, head off to Miami. While they’re there doing nothing Jim plans to hit the studio, but after being rumbled for going to a strip club decides the time is right to set a date for the wedding.

Impressively for two charisma vacuums with a history of splitting up nothing happens. Even in the clips of future episodes nothing happens. It’s all completely dull and pointless and is reduced to throwing in Jims slightly weird mother into the mix to try and make something happen.

It’s a 45 minute show that could easily be condensed to 10 still feel padded out.


Tracks (Spike)


Tracks (Spike) – Starts 1st September

Musical quiz hosted CSI Cyber escapee Bow Wow, two teams of two go up against each other to win up to $30k. Going on a variation of Name That Tune the first round is used to find out what team will go first in the cash rounds.

A song is slowly revealed track by track, so for example drums, then bass, then guitar, until the song is successfully identified. The first cash round gets the winning team $5k, and they have to unlock the individual songs tracks by correctly answering a music question, get it wrong control goes to the other team, and whoever get the song right wins. Round two is identical to round one apart from the winner gets $10k.

The final round is played by the team who has amassed the most cash, and one member of the successful side has to correctly identify of what two songs a track belongs to. They have to get four right to win an additional $20k, but if they get three wrong they only go home with what they won in the previous cash rounds.

And there’s also a wee song performance half way through by the artist of one of the songs.

It’s a passable enough game show though a bit lacking in variation to keep it interesting for the long term.


Facing (Nat Geo)


Facing (Nat Geo) – Starts 30th August

A Nat Geo documentary series where each episode focuses on one subject, though from the intro it’s a pretty mixed bag of people they’re looking into ranging from Pablo Escobar, Saddam Hussein to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In it they interview the people close to the subject while using archival footage to show various aspects. It’s a solid documentary and does what you’d expect while still being an interesting watch.


Haunted Case Files (Destination America)


Haunted Case Files (Destination America) – Starts 28th August

Standard Destination America ghost based shenanigans when four ghost hunters recount their scariest encounters with the spirits of the dead. While they tell their story it switches between them being interviewed and some reenactments that have some top drawer comedy effects to show the ghosts interacting with them and how they tried to banish entities with a surprisingly low success rate.

It’s a bog standard ghost show that only just becomes passable background viewing due to the effects.


Blue Collar Backers (Discovery)


Blue Collar Backers (Discovery) – Starts 26th August

A show where self made millionaires answer the call of a struggling business, where they then evaluate it and decided whether to invest in them to expand and improve their business. Unlike West Texas Investors Club where the people go in front of the money men to pitch their ideas, the folk here rock up to the actual business and get pretty hands on.

During the programme two investors both help out an individual business along with going to see other possible investments that in the end are deemed to risky. It’s pretty much what you’d expect, with all the changes are at best vaguely covered, yet the hypothetical returns are plastered all on the screen at any given opportunity.

That said it’s passable enough as background noise.