Last Chance U (Netflix)


Last Chance U (Netflix) – Starts 29th July – Renewed

Following in the footsteps of A Season With Notre Dame Football and All Or Nothing: A Season with the Arizona Cardinals it follows the season with infamous JuCo school East Mississippi Community College. A team renowned for its scouting policy of giving talented but troubled players a second chance of getting to a Division 1 school, and for the head coaches insistence of running up huge scores.

Like A Season With Notre Dame Football it follows the students on and off the field where the the majority of the show centres around the athletic academic advisor Ms Wagner and her constant battle in trying to get the players to attend class, get decent grades to keep them on the team and give them a chance to go to a bigger school. All of which at times appears as futile as trying to herd cats.

Along with the off the field antics there’s plenty of game action which can descend into a highlight reel of rage and profanity from the head coach.

Like the other aforementioned shows it’s a good enjoyable watch, even though some of the players are effortlessly annoying with their inability to grasp that their skiving of classes could cost them.



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