Traveling The Stars: Ancient Aliens with Action Bronson (Viceland)


Traveling The Stars: Ancient Aliens with Action Bronson (Viceland) – Starts 21st July

Ever wanted to know what a group of stoned men watching Ancient Aliens would look like? Well wonder no more, Action Bronson and a group of his rapping cohorts meet up in a green screen studio, plant themselves down on furniture that wouldn’t look out of place in a nursing home, and proceed to get stoned out of their mind while commenting on what they’re watching.

It’s pretty much a stoners answer to Gogglebox, where all of the humour is on the nonsensical conversations. With that there’s only a couple of bits in the whole 45 minutes that get anywhere near hitting the mark.

It’s all pretty shambolic.



Vice Principles (HBO)


Vice Principles (HBO) – Starts 17th July – Renewed

From the same fella that brought you Eastbound and Down, two warring vice principles are overlooked and the vacant top job and decide to team up to bring down their new boss in the aim of snagging the job for themselves.

It’s the exactly the same style of humour as Eastbound and Down, though it take a fair while to get going. It’s a very mediocre beginning episode.


Life’s A Beach (Travel Channel)


Life’s A Beach (Travel Channel) – Starts 17th July

Some classic Travel Channel programming where in 20 minutes it cover four different stories of people moving to live by the beach, where they’ve adapted by running local businesses and generally spend the rest of their time larking about in or near the water.

For those that like to see their dreams of living near the sea being achieved by people that aren’t them.


Shaunie’s Home Court (VH1)


Shaunie’s Home Court (VH1) – Starts 17th July – Renewed

Standard reality shlock, this time following the ex-Mrs Shaquille O’Neal and her five children and two nannies as the go about their lives.

It’s a lot like For Peete’s SakeMeet The Smiths & It Takes A Sister, where a whole episode can happen and you realise that nothing much occurred. It’s completely forgettable.


Hell Below (Smithsonian Channel)


Hell Below (Smithsonian Channel) – Starts 17th July

Documenting the WW2 u-boat skirmishes, where an abundance of archive footage is used along with showing the military tactics used as German and Allied forces engaged each other.

Along with a fair few experts explaining what happened and how they did it, it’s one of the better historical war programme to come out in recent times.


Stranger Things (Netflix)


Stranger Things (Netflix) – Starts 15th July – Renewed

Mysterious going ons are occurring in the town of Hawkins, Indiana. After an unidentified creature has escaped from a research lab in the Department of Energy building, a young lad has a run in with it and goes missing.

After alerting the functioning alcohol of a sheriff about his disappearance, the lads mum begins noticing weird power surges and strange phone calls in her house, while the police start searching his last known whereabouts.

Meanwhile a young girl turns up in the local cafe in hospital gowns and with some handy telepathic abilities, the owner takes care of her while getting in contact with the local child services. Unaware that the DoE is tapping the phone lines, they send one of their own guys to get the kid back with ends unsuccessfully and the girl escape only to run in to the missing lads friends as they search for him.

This effortlessly gets the 80’s vibe bang on with the way it’s produced, from the font usage to the John Carpenter-esque background music. It’s one of the best things out this year.