Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge (NBC)


Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge (NBC) – Starts 13th June – Renewed

A shockingly poorly edited assault course competition where each week 6 teams goup against each other to qualify for the grand final where they could win $250k.

In the episode the teams are split into two heats where the winners and fastest loser get to battle it out in the final. As well as not following the race over every obstacle, it does the ballsy approach of only showing the 2nd heat leaving the 1st heat to be covered by a couple shoddy highlights. This leaves the final being one team you’ve seen up against two teams you haven’t seen before, so the whole final feels like a waste of time.

It’s really poorly made, to the point that if the racing was good the editing makes it completely obvious who’s going to win because of their need to showhorn in the life stories of some of the competitors.




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