Ghosts Of Shepherdstown (Destination America)


Ghosts Of Shepherdstown (Destination America) – Starts 12th June – Renewed

After being continually harassed by the residents phoning up and complaining of home and business breaks ins, only to find out it was the abundance of ghosts in the town being the cause. The sheriffs department does the only logical thing and brings in three ghost hunters to get rid of them all.

After arriving the three paranormal experts get to work, going through one building at a time. In it they manage to do a first in any ghost show i’ve seen and cancel a night time investigation due to the spirits being too evil.

After getting their shit together, they then get back to business doing the usual paranormal stuff of recording conversations and making out ghostly voices from unintelligible noises and getting freaked out by ghostly apparitions. In the end they manage to clear the building of the activity and the owner and workers are delighted.

It’s a normal piece of paranormal investigation silliness, though the fact this is a series where they are working through an entire town makes it worth another watch.



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