Cleverman (SundanceTV)


Cleverman (SundanceTV) – Starts 1st June – Renewed

Set in Australia in the near future a race of aboriginals called hairypeople, hidden from civilisation for 60,000 years, reveal themselves to the masses. In the city they are rounded up and placed into an overcrowded camp called The Zone, while the government decide on the future of the hairies.

The show follows two brothers Wahuu and Koen, Wahuu who is trying to get the public acceptance of the Hairies and to reveal the conditions of the people living in the Zone. While Koen runs a bar in the city, who occasionally smuggles hairies into safe houses so he can tell the authorities of their whereabouts to claim the reward.

Meanwhile their uncle Jimmy has been working with a shady organisation who have been running tests on his blood due to him being a Cleverman, an ability where he has Wolverine-esque regenerative abilities, can see into peoples futures and telepathically link up to certain folk. When he decides that he’s had enough he picks one of his nephews to become the next Cleverman and then summons an a mysterious hell beast to finish himself off.

While it takes some time to get going and to set up the premise, its interesting enough to check out a few more eps.



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