Roadies (Showtime)


Roadies (Showtime) – Starts 26th June – Cancelled

A drama about the crew of the State House Band, who are dealing with the placement of a new boss who is hired by the record label to reduce the tour costs of the band.

Along with some over schmultzy depictions into why a light rigger is looking to leave the crew and to why a few others have lasted 30 years in the industry it goes nowhere fast while the crew set up the venue on the day of a gig.

It’s like an unbearably twee Newsroom-eque take on the music industry.



Homestead Rescue (Discovery)


Homestead Rescue (Discovery) – Starts 17th June – Renewed

An expert builder of off-the-grid homes with the help of his son and daughter, head off to help people struggling to adapt their homes and lifestyles to remote living. They go down and highlight what’s wrong with the homes that after a few days do the important fixes and bring in some changes requested by the owners.

It’s like a regular home renovation show, but has a threat of mountain lion attacks.


To Tell The Truth (ABC)


To Tell The Truth (ABC) – Starts 14th June – Renewed

A reboot of an old gameshow where Anthony Andersons mum keeps score of four celebrities trying to deduce which person of a line of three is telling the truth. After cracking through five rounds deductions the losing celeb gets to have a lie put onto their twitter account for 24 hours.

It’s a full on piece of televisual meh.


Wrecked (TBS)


Wrecked (TBS) – Starts 14th June – Renewed

Lost style parody where the passengers on a flight crash land on a desert island and have to survive while trying to find a way to escape. As well has having Rhys Darby doing his Murray Hewitt stuff again, the show has a vibe of a cross between Lost and Workaholics.

It’s an ok enough starts and just about does enough to warrant another watch.


Guilt (Freeform)


Guilt (Freeform) – Starts 13th June – Cancelled

A laughably poor crime thriller set in London, where the Irish flatmate of American student Molly is discovered murdered after a night out. With the police not believing the excuse that she was asleep all night on a mattress placed on a rooftop, her lawyer sister heads over from the states, as well as her stepfather hiring the talents of Billy Zane who gets to do a powerful piece of acting with a robotic squirrel.

Throw into the mix a sex club that the flatmate frequented along with a member of royalty, an interesting take on how the British police system works with the persecution of the Northern Irish, and some terrible writing it’s a complete car crash of a show.