Stone House Revival (DIY Network)


Stone House Revival (DIY Network) – Starts 11th May – Renewed

A short 20 minute renovation show where a couple enlist the help of the host/builder to restyle two room of their stone built house to its former glory. In it the plans are quickly drawn up and a team of builders being renovating the rooms whilst the host goes out to find some decorative piece from the same time as the house was originally built.

Throw in some furniture built with reclaimed pieces of the house, the host shows the owners around the finished rooms and everybody’s happy.




  1. Loved this show – until – in episode 6 we watched the crew remove a whole kitchen from a house and TOSS IT IN A DUMPSTER!! I looked up Bucks County PA, and they do have a Habitat for Humanity there. Why were the kitchen cabinets not recycled to people who could use them instead of going to a landfill? We are appalled.


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