Preacher (AMC)


Preacher (AMC) – Starts 22nd May – Renewed

TV adaption of the Preacher comic, where Jesse Custer, a reformed nefarious type returns home to to take up the role of town preacher in his dads old church in Annville, Texas.

While he is generally doing a half arsed job and questioning what he is doing, an alien entity arrives on earth and inhabits an african preacher and blows him up, then follows on doing the same to a Russian church minister and a revered Scientologist.

As this happens Jesses old girlfriend Tulip turns up offering a the chance to go on another heist together and a drunken Irish vampire by the name of Cassidy arrives from the result of jumping out a plane where he murdered everyone after reading an annotated bible.

This all comes to a head when Jesse makes the decision to leave the church and team up with Tulip again, but during the night gets hit by the alien entity which leaves him knocked out for three and and when he awakes has a mission to find god and the ability to command those who he preaches to.

Though it looks nice, for a first episode to rushes to introduce every character as quickly as it can. Almost disregarding whether or not it makes sense to story if you don’t know it already.




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