Marseille (Netflix)


Marseille (Netflix) – Starts 5th May – Renewed

Political drama where Gerard Depardieu is the shady, cocaine enjoying mayor of Marseille currently working on pushing through a bill to redevelop the port area into a hotel and casino complex.

As he tries to collect the support for the redevelopment he begins to receive emails about a past event that he buried, one of his main supporters is murdered and his deputy, who is being groomed to succeed him beings to go rogue.

While this is going on there is a couple of fellas on one the rougher estates raising cash by pulling off some low level heists to pay off a debt, which in turn leads the to crime boss of the area turning their attention on them and hindering their plans.

It’s a pretty disjointed drama where it’s all built upon characters that you don’t care about double crossing each other, all while being not very good.



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