Outcast (Cinemax)


Outcast (Cinemax) – Starts 3rd June – Renewed

A supernatural horror centered around Kyle Barnes, a man who has had demonic possessions happen to his loved ones since his childhood, has returned to his childhood home to live out a solitary existence.

After being pestered by his sister to go into town he discovers that a boy in the area is currently being exorcised by the local reverend, which leads him to go and help with the spirit removal.

After being flung across the room he discovers that his blood would remove the demon if it’s ingested by the kid, so as the exorcism works he is warned by the departing spirit that the upcoming cavalcade otherworldly happenings will be unstoppable before disappearing.

It’s a much easier pilot to get into than Preacher, where it lays out the story simply and then gets right into it. Easily worth another watch.



Buddy’s Family Vacation (Food Network)


Buddy’s Family Vacation (Food Network) – Starts 27th May

So it looks like the new fad in cookery show is following cooks and bakers on family holidays. So along with Guy And Hunters European Vacation, we now have the fella from Cake Boss going across the US in a mobile home, eating in resturants and seeing how the dishes are made.

That and there’s some family bits with the kids thrown in for good measure.


Private Eyes (Global)


Private Eyes (Global) – Starts 26th May – Renewed

A former ice hockey player turned scout begins looking into who put his young player into a coma during a tryout, he ends up teaming up with the private investigator hired by his dad to work on the case.

After hunting out evidence and the likely suspects using the combination of illegal entry and wisecracks, they find their man and solve the case. Though after the solve the case the scout finds his lad has to quit playing and he is pretty much blacklisted he ends up changing profession and teams up with the PI.

It’s another will they/won’t they, comedy crime solving procedural.


Cake Hunters (Cooking Channel)


Cake Hunters (Cooking Channel) – Starts 25th May – Renewed

Finally answering that never asked question, what would cake show done in the style of a house hunting programme look like? Cake Hunters gives the answer.

A couple about to get married go to three different bakeries there the proprietors so a small example of the final version for them to sample. After going to all three the couple decides on which they prefer giving the bakers a few days to get it ready for the event.

Then after dealing with a short notice change to the cake, the suppliers gets the final product to the couple and everyone is happy.

Even for a cooking channel this is an exceptionally pointless piece of programming.


Kids BBQ Championship (Food Network)


Kids BBQ Championship (Food Network) – Starts 23rd May – Renewed

A barbecue competition for the under 13’s where 8 young’un face off against each other and the winner will walk away with $20k in cash.

With only one round per episode the kids are given a meat to barbecue as they wish and then half way through the cook and extra element is revealed for them to cook and incorporate.

At the end their dishes are judged by the two hosts and guest judge, leaving one kid to have the Great British Bake Off style honour of being the best cook of the week, and leaving the two worst performers to go up to the judges to find out who’ll be eliminated.

It’s a by-the-numbers cookery competition but featuring some annoying kids..


Mygration (Nat Geo)


Mygration (Nat Geo) – Starts 23rd May

A group of 20 individuals ranging from extreme athletes to former military personal are challenged to make the 200 mile trip across the Serengeti joining the migrationary path of a herd of wildebeest. On the journey they are given limited supplies and no weapons, maps or compasses, so they have to be extra vigilant against lion, hyenas and other predators and run the risk of being dangerously lost.

It’s basically a more extreme take on Naked and Afraid style survival show with a higher risk of animal based injury.


Missing Dial (Nat Geo)


Missing Dial (Nat Geo) – Starts 22nd May

After disappearing in the Costa Rican jungle, where the authorities search parties found no trace of him, the explorer father of Cody Dial has put together his own team to find out what happened to his son.

After they head out to Costa Rica the team set up recounting Codys journey and interviews anyone that had contact with him before his disappeared, trying to find out sequence of events and the most likely route that was taken.

The closet you could get to this with recent shows is if you mixed up the open investigation of Killing Fields with the slow reveal of events of Badlands Texas. Even with one of the team coming across as a monumental arse, it’s watchable enough even though the outcome is pretty obvious.