King Of The Road (Viceland)


King Of The Road (Viceland) – Starts 28th April – Renewed

The King of the Road event involves teams of skateboarders travelling across the US for two weeks while they attempted to accumulate points by completing the challenges set in the KOTR challenge book.

The competition is like a take of the Gumball Rally if it was devised by Jackass, along with the team having to complete tricks and stunts there are a multitude of pranks and dares that they have to do. At the end of the two weeks, the team with the highest score wins a trophy.

In the first ep it shows archival footage of tricks going right and wrong, some of the more serious accidents and a lot of the more stupid moments.

If you like Jackass, CKY and the like then this is a must watch.



Vice World Of Sports (Viceland)


Vice World Of Sports (Viceland) – Starts 27th April

Sporting documentary series that explores the lesser known stories in world sports by heading to the meet the participants involved, showing archival and currant footage while explaining the events that has lead to why the story has lead there.

It a lot like a condensed version of the 30 for 30 documentaries.


Time Traveling Bong (Comedy Central)


Time Traveling Bong (Comedy Central) – Starts 20th April – Miniseries

Standard stoner comedy where two cousins discover a time travelling bong, where when it’s used they are transported through time and the only way to return is to use the bong again. This is thrown into chaos when the bong is broken and poorly repaired, leaving the two unable to get back home.

For what it is, it’s not too bad.


There Goes The Motherhood (Bravo)


There Goes The Motherhood (Bravo) – Starts 20th April

A parental version of the Real Housewives where a group of women meet up at a 8 week mothering course to discuss parental techniques, relationship problems and the like.

While they talk to each other it cuts to them talking to camera about a perceived slight, after which the show goes through each of their home lives before it ends up at a playgroup around one of their homes.

It’s your general reality guff where a group of women end up taking a dislike to each other.


The Yard (Nat Geo)


The Yard (Nat Geo) – Starts 20th April

Following three boatyards around the US, an Alaskan operation that focuses on repairing and upkeeping fishing vessels, a Portland company that builds tugboats and a boatyard in New Jersey that rescues vessels in distress.

With each yard they show certain employees dealing imminent deadlines approaching where machinery needed breaks down or where schedules are going over time. It’s like a nautical take on Big Fix Alaska.


Cheap Eats (Cooking Channel)


Cheap Eats (Cooking Channel) – Starts 19th April – Renewed

Food blogger Ali Khan has 12 hours to find the best deals for breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner all for under $35. While going around town visiting restaurants to get the deals he goes into the kitchen to find out how the dishes are made and then after finishing up, reveals how much is spent.

It’s a lot like any of the other food shows that travel around cities visiting various eateries.


Containment (The CW)


Containment (The CW) – Starts 19th April

US remake of the Belgian drama Cordon, where a highly contagious virus has broken out in a hospital leading to the government officials setting up a quarantine zone to contain the outbreak and to find a possible cure for the virus.

Compared to Cordon, Containment instantly rushes in to showing the clip of the quarantine zone two weeks into the outbreak, and continues ignoring any sense of the slow build up the original has. Along with the difference in adapting the story almost every character that was over the age of 45 has been subbed out to a plethora of 20 and 30 somethings.

It’s not a good reworking of the source material.