Intervention: Codependent (LMN)


Intervention: Codependent (LMN) – Starts 8th March

Spinoff from Intervention, this take a couple who are in the pits of addiction and are told that in three days time they will be having an intervention, though are unaware that they will be separated when they are put into rehab.

For the first half of the show there is a lot of the drug use shown, along with the families talking to the councillor about how they’ve changed and how it’s affecting them. Then in the second half the couple are put into rehab and it shows them trying to kick the drugs as well as them attending any court cases for drug offences. And at the end they do the three months later recap.

It’s all pretty heavy going, but it doesn’t seem to have enough time show the whole story, the rehab period especially comes over rushed and it shows nothing of couple post rehab . Barring that it’s an alright bit over viewing but you really have to be in the mood for it.



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