Damien (A&E)


Damien (A&E) – Starts 7th March – Cancelled

Working as a photojournalist in Syria, Damien who has no recollection of his Satan influenced youth, gets caught up in military fracas where an old woman he helps gives him flashbacks of the films and chats in latin.

What follows is Damien trying to find out what is going on with the help of his ex-missus, which leads to meeting his evil guardian, a religious chap who tells him about the whole satan thing and then ending up in a church where he has a shout at a statue of Jesus.

Even when he finds out he’s the antichrist he set strongly opposed to any evil doing, even to the point where he tries to stop a Final Destination-esque killing.

Whilst it isn’t great it’s watchable enough and a far better opening ep than Bates Motel. Worth a second watch at least.



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