60 Days In (A&E)


60 Days In (A&E) – Starts 10th March – Renewed

In an attempt to find out how and why there’s a drug problem within Clark County Jail, the sheriff has embarked in a unique program where seven members of the public have volunteered to go undercover and be put into prison for 60 days to find the culprits and how they do it.

After being trained by the same instructor that appears in Behind Bars: Rookie Year in two groups that have never met, they are then placed into one of three sections. Whilst there they have to stick wth their cover story and hope that the inmates accept them.

Whilst most of the seven come across as wanting to the do the assignment for the right reasons, there is one who believes that staying in prison will be like a holiday and comes across as the biggest twat you’re likely to see. If he survives it will be one of the great miracles of our time.

Even though the concept of the experiment is ludicrous, it makes a decent bit of telly.



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