Lopez (TV Land)


Lopez (TV Land) – Starts 30th March – Renewed

In a similar vein to Donny, George Lopez plays a characture version of himself and he goes about usual business but where Snoop Dogg wants him to play a private show for his cleaner, his daughters headmaster wants to fleece him for as much cash as possible and he makes a faux pas with the ex-mayor.

It’s a hell of a lot better than Saint George, and also throws in a couple of mocking references at how bad it was.

It’s an alright way to burn 20 minutes.



Legend Hunter (Travel Channel)


Legend Hunter (Travel Channel) – Starts 25th March

Recounting the life of a famed historical individual, archaeologist Jeff Rose goes to known locations where the subject was and talks to fellow archaeologists about discoveries they’ve made that could possibly prove that they were there.

The main fella is like a less charismatic Josh Gates and the show itself is less interesting than Expedition Unknown.


Sisters In Law (WE TV)


Sisters In Law (WE TV) – Starts – 24th March

Following a group of lawyers from Houston that have labelled themselves Sisters In Law, they go about their business in either defending clients of various crimes or getting litigation resolutions from big companies.

Unsurprisingly for anything reality based against the 5 minutes worth of them doing their jobs, there’s a multitude of them meeting up for a drink while bitching about each other.



The Catch (ABC)


The Catch (ABC) – Starts 24th March – Renewed

In the build up to her wedding a private investigator is trying to find out how an assailant named Mr X, has the inside knowledge of her clients and is managing to evade her attempts at catching him.

She them finds out she’s been the victim of a long con when her fiancé does a runner and disappears without trace along with the sensitive information of all her clients. Piecing together that Mr X was her fella she then goes about trying to hunt him down and the organisation he works for.

For what it is it isn’t too bad. Though stylistically it’s as give they’ve just decided to copy the Oceans Eleven remake.


Below Deck Mediterranean (Bravo)


Below Deck Mediterranean (Bravo) – Starts 23rd March – Renewed

More reality gumpf but this time on a yacht. It follows a crew on a luxury vessel where the entertain big paying clients having a holiday on the waters of Greece.

Unsurprisingly the crew either love or hate each other depending on the amount of booze they’ve consumed while a few of them cross the line with clients. All of which is accompanied with more than enough shouting and shit talking.



Friday Night Tykes: Steel Country (Esquire)


Friday Night Tykes: Steel Country (Esquire) – Starts 22nd March – Renewed

Spinoff from Friday Night Tykes, this follows four youth football teams going through their season.

The show is more about the coaches how have varying degrees of intensity in the ways they train the kids, from one who gets a weeks ban from arguing with a parent to one where all the coaching staff have kids in the team and are trying to get them to challenge to he playoffs.

In parts it’s almost like a a mix between Coaching Bad and A Season With Notre Dame Football, worth a second watch.


Billion Dollar Buyer (CNBC)


Billion Dollar Buyer (CNBC) – Starts 22nd March – Renewed

In a mash up between Dragons Den/Shark Tank and Kitchen Nightmares, a billionaire meets up with two companies with the intention in selling their good through his business empire. When meeting with the prospective suppliers he goes through the business setup and highlights where they need to improve before he can order from them.

After going through the companies weaknesses, he gives them a few weeks to show show him that they are trying to improve and gives them a chance to pitch for a contact depending on how they’ve priced themselves and performed.

There’s nothing in it that hasn’t been done before and is more or less background viewing stuff.